All the fun, food exploration, skill development, understanding of where food comes from and creating something meaningful together.

Instead of crying over spilled milk, I searched high and low for a child’s knife Jesse could use without losing blood, fingers or years of my life. I trialled a toddler’s knife, a butter knife and a paring knife (that did sod all) before stumbling on a pumpkin knife. Voila! I had a child safe knife my kids could use without me hovering like a helicopter parent.

A few design evolutions, a growing team and 20-odd years later, today KiddiKutter is a multi-award winning product safely used by families in over 40 countries.

We’ve also created the KandoKutter, an adult sized knife designed for people with disability to safely use in the kitchen. I’m immensely proud of this knife and I love seeing the way it opens up people’s worlds.