Parenthood is one of the most rewarding and challenging events any parent can imagine. Every “first” moment is memorable; the first smile, first step, first word, and who can ever forget the first time you bring your baby to the outside world and see those wandering eyes light up. As parents and guardians, we can also agree that having the right baby gear for each occasion is just as important and challenging.

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Our TWELVElittle baby bags are precisely made to assist every parent at the right moment, and capture every experience with ease and grace. Each bag is thoroughly designed with individual style, and engineered with every practicality. Made of high quality water resistant fabrics and genuine leather, it is the perfect bag to carry all baby essentials. What’s more, it is also the perfect accessory after it graduates from the baby bag stage.

12 Little Wonders

Inspired by Asian Zodiac, the 12 LITTLE WONDERS represent the animal of the year each child is born. Like every individual child, every animal has their own character and dreams, and our 12 LITTLE WONDERS dangles are perfect little reminders of how special every child is. Made of genuine leather, the dangles can be used as a keychain or attached to our bags for personalization.

How it Started

Julia and Jenny first met at Rhode Island School of Design when they were studying for their BFA in Industrial Design. It didn’t take long for the duo to become close friends. Both loved design and fashion, took similar classes and pursued similar dreams. Upon graduation they worked separately in renown fashion companies in New York City designing handbags, and Julia also completed a BA in Fashion Marketing at Parsons. Surrounded by friends and families struggling to find the perfect baby bag, Julia and Jenny teamed up to use their knowledge and experience, and created TWELVElittle.

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